One of the things that I love about photographing couples, is getting to know what makes them, them. Every couple has a different story, a different way of being together, and different things that they love doing together as a couple. The fun part about finding out these unique characteristics for my clients is to then take that information and find ways to personalize each shoot to each of my different clients.

In Lindsay and Josh’s case, they spend quite a bit of time hanging out in downtown Gainesville and so when it came time to plan their engagement session, it made sense to try to incorporate a couple of their favorite spots into our session. Instead of just walking around downtown though, we decided it would be way more fun to actually go inside some of these places and enjoy them like the two of them usually would. (Apparently while at Alpine we ran into a prominent blogger, but that’s a story for another day.)

A session together was not complete though without the addition of their sweet pup, Panda (and some cameo appearances from their chickens!). For that, we moved over towards beautiful Paynes Prairie to finish out the day – and a perfect day it was at that! Congratulations on your engagement you two!

engagement session at coffee shopengaged couple drinking wineengaged couple and street artengaged couple in yardengagement photos at park